About Us

Hi, Our names are Tim & Heather and we are the proud owners of The Oceanic.

Oceanic Hotel Falmouth Tim and Heather

We are originally from Derbyshire and have lived there for most of our lives but have always dreamt of moving down to Cornwall to be by the coast.

In 2011, this became a reality and having sold our publishing business and managed to move out most of the kids (we have 7  but are now down to just 2 teenagers living with us!), we packed up our home and moved initially to Bude in North Cornwall.

Bude was lovely with the most fantastic beach and sea pool but our son Robert had gone to university here in Falmouth and after several visits, we realised that Falmouth had so much more to offer and started  looking for a business to buy.

Late in 2012 , we discovered our jewel – at the time a very run down and dated coaching hotel and we moved in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2012.

And so our journey began!

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